Quality Policy

Food Safety and Quality Policy

AMcO designs, manufactures and distributes spice mixes and functional additives to food processing plants.

We have succeeded in Polish and international markets owing to the integration of quality-focused operations by all of the company employees. Our overriding objective is to maintain and strengthen our position as a manufacturer and exporter and meet consumers' needs, including individual functional needs and taste preferences. We implement new products and improve current products in view of the economic aspects of our customer's production, ensuring them professional technological advice and assistance in implementation.

Quality regimes established at our company ensure the health safety of our products. Risk analysis, constant monitoring, prompt identification of raw materials and finished products and meeting legal regulations eliminate potential and actual health risks, starting from the receipt of raw materials throughout the technological process, to the distribution of the products. The efficient Management System conforming to PN-EN ISO 9001, PN-EN ISO 22000 and IFS (International Food Standard) allows us to further improve and develop our company and enables the customers to derive satisfaction from working with us.

We consistently implement the company policy through the following strategic goals:

- Adhering to the requirements of the food law and agreed customer requirements;
- Facilitating and monitoring our processes;
- Improving our infrastructure;
- Maintaining and constantly improving the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system in operation;
- Constant care for product safety and quality with respect to the allergenic policy;
- Constant care for product safety and quality with respect to organic products;
- Meeting environmental protection requirements;
- Regular and planned training of all employees in management systems.

Dybów Kolonia, 1 June 2015

Management Board President
Andrzej Wójcicki